My Story of Alzheimer’s Disease

My Story of Alzheimer’s Disease is the first film from MY STORY FILMS® and tells the story of Alzheimer’s Disease through the eyes and voices of 5 caregivers and a Psychiatrist who specializes in the Disease. The purpose of this honest and heartfelt film is to educate and raise awareness about Alzheimer’s Disease and the journey of Alzheimer’s Caregivers.

Production Team and Cast

Kim Plumridge

Kim Plumridge-Producer and Co-director

Kim Plumridge is the President and Founder of My Story Films and the Producer and Co-director of My Story of Alzheimer’s Disease. Kim has spent a lifetime in the arts as an Actor, Acting Teacher and Coach, Director and Producer. She has been the Associate Artistic Director of the MTB Studio, a highly respected Acting Studio in New York City, since 2010 and has many private students in New York and across the country. In addition, Kim is a GUILD CERTIFIED FELDENKRAIS PRACTITIONERCM and uses this amazing movement education system to help Actors and non-Actors to relax, ground themselves and find more freedom of expression in their lives.

photo by Chris Giglio,


Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan – Associate Producer, Co-director, Co-director of Photography and Editor

 Andrew Duncan is a filmmaker living and working in New York City. Through his life and education, he has learned to capture genuine emotion and beauty among the absurdities of life in order to tell diverse and compelling stories. It has been his great pleasure to work with local artists, global corporations, caring and dedicated families, brilliant musical comedians, and many more. Andrew finds the dedication and sacrifice of the caregivers in this film profoundly beautiful and is proud to play a part in telling their stories.


Luisa F. Zappala-Associate Producer

Luisa F. Zappala-Associate Producer

Luisa and her Mother started their journey 5 years ago. While on maternity leave, Luisa noticed that her Mom was acting strange and something was very wrong.  After a few Doctor’s visits, Luisa and her family received the devastating news that their mom of 53 had been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s Disease. It has been a long process and painful path for Luisa and her family, but Luisa remains committed to her Mother and to raising awareness and educating the public about Alzheimer’s Disease and the challenges Alzheimer’s Caregivers face every day. She is proud to be a part of this special film.

photo by Victor Chu,



Dr. Adi Virmani

Dr. Adi Virmani

Having treated many patients with Alzheimer’s Disease, as well as other Dementia syndromes, and having witnessed the heartbreak of their families, Dr. Adi Virmani is honored to be a part of this very special project. Dr. Virmani received his B.S. degree in Biology from Emory University and obtained his M.D. degree from St. George’s University School of Medicine. He went on to complete his Psychiatry residency training from Stony Brook University where he also served as Chief Resident of the consultation service in 2010. Dr. Virmani continued his Psychiatry training at Stony Brook where he received his fellowship in Geriatric Psychiatry, specializing in neuro-psychiatric disorders, which include dementia syndromes and the behavioral symptoms associated with these disorders. He also has expertise in treatment of depression, and anxiety spectrum disorders. He is Board Certified in General Psychiatry and Geriatric Psychiatry and is a member of the American Psychiatric Association.

photo by Jeremy Folmer,


Caregivers: Peter, Kim, Tod, Luisa and Leah


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